Spiritual Perfection

The Law of Spiritual Perfection

We can base our life on one of two options: ego-based, which is how we all begin, or spirit-based, which is how we overcome the world and enter into oneness with God.

In being ego-based, our consciousness is centered on and dependent on the ego. The ego, in turn, is centered on and dependant upon the body. When the body dies, the ego loses its source of life, and as its energy gradually fades and disappears, so too does the consciousness which has been attached to the ego fade into nothingness.

In being spirit-based, our consciousness is centered on and dependent on the spirit within. The spirit, in turn, is centered on and dependent upon God. Since God is eternal, and the spirit within us is the substance of God, our consciousness will remain active and functioning forever.

In order to make the shift from being ego-based to being spirit-based, the following principles are provided:

  1. Each person has the light within him or her, and this light is the substance of God.
  2. The light, or spirit within, is in a general state of deep sleep, or hibernation, similar to death. This is the result of feeding the ego and not the spirit within. Fear-based emotions feed the ego and love-based emotions feed the spirit.
  3. Through love, the spirit can be awakened and raised to a position of power and authority within each person. This awakening and raising process is referred to as the resurrection.
  4. Each person is responsible for becoming truly loving and using the Love which flows from God to awaken and raise the spirit within.
  5. Each person is responsible for cleansing and purifying the thoughts and feelings within, transforming all fear based emotions into love.
  6. Each person is responsible for overcoming his or her own ego and shifting his or her consciousness from the ego to the awakened spirit.
  7. By cleansing and purifying his or her thoughts and feelings, and overcoming the ego through love, each person will enter into a higher state of consciousness referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven, or the Christ Consciousness.
  8. By following the Law of Spiritual Perfection, each person becomes one with God and experiences his or her salvation.
  9. In this oneness with God, each person is born again.
  10. In Spiritual Perfection, death is overcome and each person enters into eternal life (eternal consciousness).

The Law of Spiritual Perfection is the perfection of spirit-based consciousness. The law has been fulfilled when 100 percent of our consciousness has been centered on the spirit within and we have become one with God. Because our ego and our spirit are both fed from emotional energy, our emotional state is of critical importance in the shift from ego-based to spirit-based consciousness. Jesus repeatedly tells us that we are what is in our heart – our emotional state. “As a man is in his heart, so is he.” “A good man brings forth good from his heart, and an evil man brings forth evil.” The “good” and “evil” aspects can be defined as love-based and fear-based, spirit-based and ego-based respectively.

What we believe in our mind is almost irrelevant. “Who by taking thought can change one hair on their head?” It all comes down to our emotional state – what is in our heart. When our heart is true, our thoughts are true. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” The emotional transformation from ego-based to spirit-based is dependent on resolving the emotional issues within and transforming our emotional base from fear to love. The spirit within is fed and supported only by love-based emotions. This is the power base of the spirit: the love from God that flows through our heart. Anything other than pure love in our heart restricts the flow of God’s love through us and limits our spiritual power and our consciousness.

In order to perfect the spiritual state within, we must remove all obstructions (all thoughts and feelings incompatible with God’s love) from our mind and heart. God’s love is the standard. Spiritual perfection is the removal of everything that falls short of that standard. “Be ye perfect, as your Father in Heaven is also perfect.” “I give you a new commandment: that you love one another.”