Son of Man

The Son of Man is a term that appears in two forms. The lower case form ‘son of man’ refers to the un-awakened spirit within each person. The upper case form ‘Son of Man’ refers to the awakened spirit within a person. The ego, or outer personality, seeks the things the world has to offer; wealth, power, social position and control.

The un-awakened spirit is often referred to as being asleep. But just as we dream and stir while we sleep, so too does the spirit within stir and generate activity in our lives. Our search for who we are (the desire to find our self) is the activity of the spirit within. The stirring of the spirit within begins our search for our true self and God. At some point we become disillusioned with the things of the world and begin our search for meaning. This is the beginning of our spiritual journey and it begins long before we recognize it as being spiritual in nature. Our spiritual journey is the seeking which drives us to examine one thing after another, looking for that small sign of truth that will resonate within us.

Sometimes we find some of the truth we are seeking and become involved in a group, a teaching, or a movement. Eventually we realize there is more truth to be discovered and the seeking continues by moving on. Even though a group, a teaching, or a movement may believe it has a complete offering of the truth, it is really up to the individual to find the whole truth for him or her self. The best service a teaching can provide is to equip the individual with an understanding of what the truth is and provide the tools where the individual can enter into the truth on their own. The truth cannot be given; it must be experienced and entered into.

This is the essence of the process of transformation:

This process awakens the spirit within, raises it up, and empowers it with the presence of God. This process transforms the son of man into the Son of Man.