What we mean by the term God is the source of all life and the creator of the physical universe. We perceive God to be pure spirit and not a physical being. God is in and of everything. Everything that lives does so because of the presence of the spiritual substance, the living light of Spirit, which animates it.

We do not assign any human personality traits to God such as anger, vengeance, jealousy, or anything of the like. As pure spirit, we perceive God as not having an ego or any other human characteristics. This is not to say we believe God is not involved in the workings of the world we know. The hand of God is evident everywhere and it is up to us to raise our consciousness so that we may become aware of God's presence in everything.

In overcoming our separation from God, we enter into the oneness of God's love and presence. We hold that the inner issues and emotional disturbances we experience in life are the very things, which are taking the place of the presence of God in our lives. We have been given free will which entitles us to choose the experiences we want to have in life. If we choose the lower emotional experiences of hatred, anger, resentment, bitterness, guilt, envy and greed, these experiences will take the place of the presence of God within. We must choose which experiences we truly want in our lives. We cannot harbor the feelings of hatred and anger and expect to experience the presence of God in our lives. The counterpart is also true; we cannot experience the love that comes from God and live in the presence of God and expect to experience the lower emotions as well. Jesus has explained that we cannot serve two masters. We must choose.

The presence of God will not intrude where it is not welcome, nor will it enter where a suitable home has not been provided. It is our responsibility to convert our consciousness so that it is compatible with the presence of God and provides a suitable home for the love that comes from God. Once we do that, the love and presence of God will automatically begin entering our lives.

We provide a series of exercises designed to dismantle the ego and awaken and empower the spirit within. Through the practice of these exercises the individual will begin having a series of spiritual experiences wherein the true nature of God will be revealed through direct experience. This is the essence of Gnosis - knowledge gained through direct experience of the presence of God. This experience leaves nothing to believe. We explain the process as the difference between believing in swimming and actually swimming. Once you have these direct experiences with the presence of God, there is no need for believing; you will have had the experience and will know the reality of God and God's presence and activity in this world for your self.