Jesus is viewed by many as the only Son of God, or in some cases, God Himself. A serious review of history reveals that the same legends surrounding Jesus have been applied to many others throughout the last 4 to 5 thousand years. For a more complete look at that history, Kelsey Graves book, “The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors” is recommended.

We hold that Jesus was a human being, just as the rest of us are. While that is a heresy of the highest order for many people, it is also a critical starting point in our own personal spiritual growth. If Jesus really is the only Son of God, or God Himself come down to earth, then why are the actual teachings of Jesus virtually ignored in favor of the teachings of Paul? The answer to that question is deceptively simple: Jesus spoke in parables and Paul spoke in plain language. People have not taken the time to understand what the parables actually mean. It’s easier to simply believe the teachings of Paul and ignore what Jesus said.

Teaching that Jesus is the one and only Son of God and the only way to reach salvation garners a great deal of power and control for a church. People, functioning out of fear, will remain faithful to a church and provide financial support. This was an initial problem for the early Christian Church: a doctrine based simply on love did not attract many followers, nor did it allow the early church to create loyalty in its followers. The solution to that problem came in incorporating the Old Testament into the Bible along with the New Testament. The result has worked well for almost 2,000 years. Accept that Jesus loves you so much that He died for you and is now your savior, or His father (Jehovah) will punish you forever. That way, your only hope is to be saved by Jesus. And believing in Jesus, as your personal savior, is what makes it all happen.

The reality is that Jesus was a human being. He was raised and trained in the mystery school tradition from the time he was born. All of the things Jesus actually did were the result of the training he received in the mystery school system. This is the real “Good News” embedded in the Gospels, for if one human can raise himself to the spiritual level of Jesus, in time, the rest of us can too. What is possible for one is eventually possible for all. If Jesus can become one with God, all of us can too.

Throughout the teachings of Jesus, never once does He ask anyone to worship Him. What He requests of us is that we follow Him – do the things that He has done – become like Him. That is why in the Gospel of John, He tells us that others will come after Him, and do the things that He has done – these and greater things will they do. Jesus clearly understood that He was not unique. He was a graduate of the highest level in the mystery school tradition, and He was not the only one. He knew that others, at some time in history, would understand more than He did, and would have the talent and dedication to develop him or herself to a higher degree than He attained. He understood the potential of the human mind and the human heart. He knew it would happen. It probably would have happened long before now, had the early Christians not destroyed the Temple of Serapis and the attached library in Alexandria Egypt in 391 AD. With that act of violence and the persecution of the Gnostics that followed, the system that gave us Jesus was almost completely destroyed, depriving the world of the gift of a true depth of understanding of our spirituality and our true potential as human beings.

We can use the teachings of Jesus as a pathway into the deeper understanding of who and what we really are. What remains of His teachings is mostly intact, providing the building blocks of our own spirituality, potential and intimate relationship with God. The problem is that we need to understand what He was saying in His parables, and what His teachings really mean. Bringing you that level of knowledge and understanding is the mission of The Gnostic Wisdom Foundation. That information is free. The real price to be paid resides in your effort and dedication to learn, practice, and develop your own spirituality.

Remember: You are the light of the world. Let your light so shine that others will see your good works, and give praise to God.